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Membership To Erith Yacht Club
What Is A Prospective Member At

Membership to EYC is the best way to get the most out of your sailing and powerboating qualifications.  We offer a range of different membership options that allows everyone to continue to enjoy the sailing and powerboating on the tidal waters of the river Thames.  What’s special about EYC is that we offer all participants taking part in a training course the opportunity to become a “Prospective Member”, which allows you to visit and use the clubs facilities on six different occasions without needing to pay a fee.  After this time, we are confident that you will join us a Full Member.

How Do I Become A Full Member

you will receive the application form with your course booking paperwork. You will then be able to come down to EYC and take part in our programme of sailing, cruising, racing and social activities on six separate occasions.  This way, you will have an opportunity to experience us as club and make your mind up as to whether or not you would like to join the club as a Full Member.

As a “Prospective Member”, will will ask you to record you visits to the club by completing a log book and asking different club members to sign your book. This way, you will get to meet other club members and find out more about the club.

After your six visits, we hope that you wish to continue your time on the water and decide to join the club as a Full Member.  

When you complete a training course with us, you will have the opportunity to join EYC as a “Prospective Member”.  There is no fee for this membership and

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming
A Full Member?
Can I Become A Youth Member At
Can I Become A Family Member
Who Can I Contact To Get Further

There are so many benefits to becoming a Full Member of EYC with the main one having full access to one of the best stretches of sailing and

Powerboating tidal waters!  We also run a full programme of cruising, racing and social events for all club members to enjoy and take part in.

Before signing up as a Full Member, please take advantage of our “Prospective Membership” facility, which will allow you to visit and use the club and its facilities on six separate occasions.  After this time, we would be delighted to receive your application for Full Membership.  Application forms can be downloaded by on the link below or from the club’s membership secretary.  If you have a questions regarding membership, please use the form below to contact the Membership Secretary.

Club membership runs from January to January annually.  If you are joining us part way through the year, a pro-rata membership rate will be calculated for the remaining months in the year.  Membership can also be paid on a monthly basis to allow you to spread out the payments over the year or as a annual payment at the start of the year.

As a non-commercial members club, we welcome new members to join our fantastic community of like-minded sailors, all of which enjoy their time on the water!

As a Full Club Member, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits and features of EYC:

If you are under the age of 25 and has taken up a training course or are joining our JYS scheme, you will be able to join EYC for free! This is a unique opportunity to

join EYC and take part in all the sailing, cruising, racing and social events that take place throughout the year.

When you take up a training course or the JYS scheme, you will be provided with a Youth Membership form.  Once completed and returned to the Membership Secretary, you will be a Youth Member of EYC!  As a member, you will then be able to enjoy the the many benefits and features of EYC, including:

If your son or daughter is a youth member of EYC and takes part in the JYS scheme, as their parent / guardian you are welcome to join EYC as a Family Member.

This category of membership allows you to become a key holder of the club and support all the youth sailing activities that take place throughout they year.  Whilst your youth sailor is out on the water, if you wish to participate in the session as an adult helper, you will need to join EYC as either a Family or Full Member to allow you to come under our insurance.  If you do not wish to join EYC, we would ask you to please stay away from the water, slipways and pontoons.  

As all training, sailing and social activities are undertaken by club members who volunteer their time, we would encourage you to take up a Family Membership so you can also support all the hard work that goes into running sessions for our youth sailors.    

As a Family Member, you will be able to take up one of our Powerboat Courses and train to become a powerboat helm to support the JYS sessions.  Also, we need adult helper to assist with the launch and recovery of boats.  Training is provided in the use of the clubs tractors and trailers, which will allow you to play an active role in the water-based activities.

If you would like to become a Family Member, membership forms are available from the Membership Secretary or they can be collected at one of the JYS sessions that takes place on Sundays.

If you would like further information regarding club membership, please complete and submit the form below.  The Membership Secretary will be in contact shortly

What If I have Completed My RYA 
Level 1 & Level 2?

If you have recently completed your RYA Level 1 and Level 2 course with us, you will be able to join EYC as a Full Member without needing to pay the £50 one-off joining fee!

This offer is available to course participants who have recently completed their RYA Level 1 and Level 2 course at EYC.  You will need to complete a Prospective Membership form and gain six signatures in your membership log book before applying for Full Membership.

Once you have completed your Prospective Membership, you will be able to join the Club as a Full Member without needing to pay the £50 one-off joining fee!

Can I Come Down And Just Visit
The Club?

Everyone is welcome to come down and visit the club to see our facilities, fantastic sailing waters and meet club members.  If you would like to come down, please feel free to visit on a Sunday lunch-

time when the club bar is open and thriving with members.  

When you approach the club, there is a silver gate that is usually closed. Next to the gate there is a call button.  Please press this button and you will be let into the club grounds.  Once at the club, the Officer of the Day will be pleased to welcome you and provide you with a tour of the club.

If you would like to visit during the week, please call ahead to ensure that there is someone to meet you when you arrive at the club

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