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EYC is the ideal place for school and youth groups to take part in water-based activities either as part of a school curricular activity or as an extra curricular event.  We to provide sail and powerboat taster sessions and can provide full certified courses, which can be run  during the school day or as an after school activity.  For youth groups and uniformed organisations, sailing and powerboating activities are a great way to experience to challenges and team building exercises water-based sports have to offer!

Youth Groups & Uniformed 

For all youth groups and organised groups, EYC can provide two-hour taster sessions and courses to suit the groups meeting times and availability.  Starting with an initial  taster session on the water, groups can then book further sessions to work towards achieving an RYA qualification.  These qualifications are nationally recognised and can be used at other centres and clubs.

Environmental River Trips

and docks are found on the river.  

It is also possible to explore the banks of the river Thames to identify wildlife and man-made features following the Thames Orbital path way, which runs directly from our location.  

Typically starting at 9:30, we can accommodate a group of 30 students in one day.  Over the day, 15 students can take to the water in the morning whilst the other group conduct the river walk on the banks of the Thames. Following a break for lunch, the groups can swap to all the river walkers to take to the water with the morning group exploring the river banks on the walk.  The group can then depart at 3:00pm allowing them to return shortly after the normal school day.

The cost per student is £13 for the entire days activities.  For further sessions over an entire term, please contact us for full details.  

Sessions can be booked as an after school event or during the school holidays, which allows groups the flexibility to get access to the water and progress through the National Training Scheme with us.

For uniformed groups, when booking a water-based activity with us, you are also welcome to use one of our meeting rooms for a group “parade” meeting prior to the start of our session at no further charge.  This allows groups to move their parade night to our location so they can combine the two sessions.

We encourage all youth groups and organisations to take up a water-based activity with us.  For adult leaders, we also provide training courses to allow you access to the water with the aim of providing group organisers with the knowledge and understand of what takes place during a water-based session.  We can also provide nationally recognised qualifications in Powerboating and instructing if a group wishes to take up further sailing sessions throughout the year.

A typical two-hour taster session involves all participants with the experience of rigging and launching a boat, playing an active role of crew and helming the boat.  Further sessions will provide all students with the sailing skills and knowledge of tacking and gybing, controlling boat speed and using all boat controls to the best advantage.

A two-hour sailing taster session costs £13 per head for a maximum group size of 20 students.  For further sessions, please contact us for full details

There is no need to purchase any specialised sailing kit for your course as we will provide the following:

The items are recommended for your course:

For groups taking up a river walk, the following items are also required:

Sailing sessions are available to all school groups who are looking for an outwards bound activity and a sport that explores the themes of team work, sport, healthy lifestyles and the development of self-confidence.

As we provide all the necessary equipment and boats for a water-based session, groups can participate with the no need for specialist clothing or items.  After the successes of the London 2012 Olympics, we are looking forwards

To encouraged the next generation of successful Olympic sailors who enjoy the sport and challenges sailing has to offer.

School groups can book a two-hour water-based session, with the first session providing an ideal taster to the sport.  Further sessions can be arranged with the potential to leading to an Royal Yachting Association (RYA) qualification.  These qualifications are nationally recognised and provide a record of achievement through the National Sailing Scheme.  This scheme has been designed to allow a participation to progress through the various training elements that make up the nationally used training scheme. Sailors under the age of 25 who participate in a sailing session with us will also have the benefit of free Youth Membership at the club, which will allow them access to further sailing activities and events outside of school such as our Junior and Youth Sailing (JYS) activities and events.

A typical two-hour session can start at either 9:30 or 1:30 and can accommodate 20 students per session.  For larger school groups, it is possible to accommodate 40 students over an entire day with 20 participants taking to the water in the morning whilst the other group enjoys one of our river walks to explore the banks of the river Thames.  After a break for lunch, the groups can swap to allow everyone to take to the water and enjoy the river walk.  

A two-hour water-based session costs £13 per head for a maximum group of 20 students.  For larger groups wishing to take the river walks over the entire day, there is no charge for this.  This  allows a full group of 40 participants to experience a full day with us

Due to our location next to the river Thames, we are able to provide groups with river trips and river walks to explore the national and man-made features of the river Thames and the city of London.  Using our fleet of powerboats, groups can explore the waters of the river Thames from the Queen Elizabeth bridge to Thames Flood Defence barrier.  Whilst out on the water, naturally occurring features and animals can be identified whilst exploring why such features as power stations, flood defences,

Why Chose Sailing As An Outdoor 

Sailing as an outdoor activity provides opportunities for young people to gain new

skills and experiences that are not achievable within a class room. As a challenging

and dynamic activity, sailing provides the following benefits:


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