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RYA Seamanship Skills Course

Our two-day Seamanship Skills Course is the perfect course for dinghy sailors looking to gain all the necessary sailing skills, knowledge and experience to deal with a wide range of situations and scenarios on the water.  If you have completed your RYA Level 1, 2 or 3 course and want to become a fully independent sailor, this course is for you!  

Sailors who have completed this course are prepared to sail on their own or in a small group and are free to explore the river Thames outside of club organised sailing activities.

Course Contents and Notes

This course is run over four practical water-based sessions over the two days.  Each

water-based session is supported by various theory-based short sessions, which provide the essential background knowledge to the Seamanship course.

Sailing Skills Covered:

Rigging and launching a dinghy

Crewing the boat and controlling the Jib sail

Helming controls and controlling the main sail

Tacking and gybing

Control speed, slowing down and stopping

Returning to shore and securing the boat

Harnessing the wind to make the most out of the sails

Theory Knowledge Covered:

Personal clothing and safety equipment

Introduction to weather and forecasts

Rope work and knots used on the boat

Safety procedures and what to do in an

Your you have completed your RYA Seamanship Skills Course, you will be able to join Erith Yacht Club as a “Prospective Member”.  This membership allows you to become a member of the club  and take part in the full programme of sailing and social activities on six separate occasions without needing to pay a fee.  As a club, we want to see all sailors join the club and an active role in all aspects of club life.  Full membership allows you to become a key holder to the club and full access to all the facilities and events taking place throughout the year.  

Click here for details on club membership

Take a look at the video showing one of the many sailing events that takes place throughout the year at the club.

Once you have completed your RYA Seamanship Skills Course, you are welcome to join us for one of the following sailing events / activities


How Do I Book A Course?

To book a place on the RYA Seamanship Skills Course, please complete and submit the form below.  To use this facility, you will need to have an email address.  Once completed, the course booking form will be sent through to your email address for completion.  If you do not have an email address address, please contact us by either phone or why not come down and visit us on a Sunday when the club is open for a tour?

Need A Answer To A Question 
About The Course?

If you have any questions regarding the RYA Seamanship Skills Course, please either complete the Contact Us form below and we will answer your question as quickly as possible.  Alternatively, please feel free to email

Sailing Skills Covered:

Rigging and launching a dinghy in all wind conditions and directions

Performing sailing technique such as Heave to and stopping

Reefing the sail whilst afloat

Recovery of a man overboard


Sailing backwards

Sailing without a centreboard and rudder

Capsize recovery

Recovery from a total inversion

Theory Knowledge Covered:

Knowledge of IRPCS

Understands weather systems and patterns

Awareness of the Beaufort Scale and changes in local weather

Use of tide tables

Understands tidal rises and falls and the rule of twelfths

Courses cost £170 per person and include:

All necessary sailing equipment and clothing

Two days full sailing instruction both water-based and shore-based

Prospective Membership to Erith Yacht Club

The next sailing course to take up is the RYA Sailing With Spinnakers Course.  This course is the ideal follow on course from Seamanship Skills Course with full details available here.  The next Sailing With Spinnakers Course will be arranged as required

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